iPad Screen Repair

The iPad is the the hottest product on the market today.  It's expensive and people still line up to by it at Apple stores, Best Buy, and anywhere else that sells it.  And when ever a new iPad is released, the sell out in just a few days.

But while it is hot, and consumber love them, there are issues that can't be denied.  First, the price.  Second, you must be willing to use primarily Apple software, such as Apple iCloud.  And finally, the glass on the iPad can easily break or crack.  iPad cracked glass can happen from drops, falls, or even throwing it out the window!  But the iPad can be repaired too - and there are many choices today for highly quality and inexpensive iPad screen repair solutions.

The iPad Design

All models of the iPad have a sexy glass and aluminum design.  They also have an upgradable iOS operating system that enables downloadable Apps designed by Apple and third party developers.

One of the primary hardware selling points of an iPad or iPad 2 is its backlit LCD screen and fantastic image resolution.  This was recently improved even more on the iPad 3 – also called the New iPad.  With an HD LCD screen that is large and interactive, iPad users have come to enjoy FaceTime messaging, watching high-definition movies, reading magazines, and shooting amazing HD photos.

If your iPad screen breaks, it can look terrible and will likely be unusable.  Because the iPad is designed with several distinct layers of glass and important screens, so it is complex to repair iPad glass damage.  There is an outer glass protective screen (also referred to as the iPad “digitizer”) which is laminaged to an inner digitizer layer.  Below this stack is a secured High Definition LCD screen (this makes the images like a television).

Much of the best information on self repairs can be found at top rated sites like iFixIT or even from great sites overseas like iCorrect or generic information sites about iPad Repairs.  If you are deciding between the efficacy of a self-repair or a professional repair, these are great places to begin.

Most AppleCare warranties provide one year of iPad hardware repairs.  Plus you get up to 90 days of phone support.  But standard AppleCare will not cover replacement of the iPad screen for accidental damage from drops.  Also, if your iPad has been self-repaired, any version of your AppleCare might be null and void.  If your iPad screen is broken, cracked, or shattered because you failed to exercise reasonable care, then unfortunately that won’t be covered by the standard AppleCare iPad warranty either.   (Update: Apple now offers "AppleCare + which does provide even more accidental coverage for an additional fee.  But you are still on your own after 3 years so we suggest declining this offer and getting the iPad fixed independently if you have a cracked screen.)

You will find many Google YouTube videos that suggest you attempt iPad screen repair yourself.  I do not suggest this as it is very easy to botch the repair and render their iPad useless.  Who needs that -- it's 2013 now and it's time to get others to do this for you!!

Lately there have been more iPad Pro Screen Repair needs in the industry.  We notice that these are replacing the iPad Air 2 Screen Repair that had been used by schools, and corporations in the past.  The cost to repair iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 is more expensive, due to the design and type of fusing together of the screen and LCD for this type of iPad.

Choose a Professional iPad Screen Repair Company

I determined that it was a superior decision to find a professional iPad repair company to do the iPad screen repairs for me.  I discovered RepairZoom, an online provider of these services, who was recommended by a friend.  I loved everything about this company.  RepairZoom had the best reputation, the best warranty, the ability to set up a business account, and the lowest prices. They also include free UPS shipping which saves a lot on the overall cost.

And I was not disappointed.  The quality of my iPad Air repair was amazing and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing a repair on any version of the iPad.

iPad Screen Repair

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